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LAST UPDATED: 04 Nov 2020

06 Dec 2020 | Jadescape 87.87% sold. Balance 138 units of 1 br, 2 br and 4br
04 Nov 2020| Jadescape 1045 units (86.73%) sold. Check latest balance units. Call 87779000 to check Promo Price.
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JadeScape condominium, developed by Qingjian Realty, is one of the property launches at 2 Shunfu Rd and expected to estimate TOP in 2021 end

Looking at its location, it’s somewhere in between Bishan and Marymount. The nearest MRT station is Marymount MRT station (Circle Line), which is a 4-minute walk away. Bishan MRT station, which operates both the Circle Line and North-South Line is slightly further away, at about 1.5km from JadeScape condominium.

Sin Ming Plaza is also within a less than 10 minutes walk away and we will elaborate more on the neighbourhood as we go along.

In this article, we will look into the key information of JadeScape condominium at a glance, reasons why you should choose to purchase a unit, master plan information specific to Bishan, the site & floor plans, pricing, showroom details, and developer’s background. Stay with us!

JadeScape condominium

Jadescape Information

Name of property JadeScape
Address 2 Shunfu Rd
Property developer Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte Ltd
District 20
Tenure 99 years from 19 June 2018
Site area 398,110 sqft
Number of available units 1206 + 6 Shops
Number of blocks 7
Number of storeys ranging from 21 to 23

Why should you choose to stay at JadeScape condominium?

1. Accessibility to public transports

MRT stations

As we’ve briefly mentioned in the introduction, JadeScape condominium is parked right in the middle of Bishan and Marymount.

Take a look at the Google map below and you will see that the nearest train station is Marymount MRT station, which connects you with the Circle Line. It’s a mere 3-minute walk from JadeScape condominium.

For those who want to access either the Circle Line or North-South Line can choose to take a slightly longer walk to Bishan MRT station. It’s about 1.5km from JadeScape condominium and a 20-minute walk or so will take you there.

Talking about convenience, Orchard MRT station is just about five stops away from Bishan MRT station via the North-South Line. Go ahead and meet your friends till late and you might still be able to catch a train back home!

Bus stops

There are a couple of bus stops in the area. A quick search shows us that there are at least more than five buses you can hop on to take you to your destination.

For example, the bus stop directly outside JadeScape condominium and along Shunfu Road has bus number 410W. The feeder bus begins its route at Bishan Interchange and passes by Raffles Institution, Guangyang Primary School, and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Schools (primary and secondary).

This links us perfectly to our next point.

2. Schools and education centres


There are at least three preschools within 650m from JadeScape condominium – Shooting Star Preschool at 305 Shunfu Rd, Children’s Vineyard Montessori Preschool at 37 Jalan Pemimpin, and Kinderland Preschool at 16 Pemimpin Place.

The nearest primary schools are within 2.5km radius and they are Guangyang Primary School and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. As mentioned earlier, bus 410W stops by these two primary schools so your child can get to school comfortably via a short bus ride from home.

Whitley Secondary School, Raffles Institution, and Catholic High School are within an approximately 1km radius. Slightly further away but still within a short distance are Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Guangyang Secondary School, and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. The options are plenty!

You can also get to Nanyang Polytechnic in about 20 minutes via a bus ride. The neighbouring universities are Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT@NYP), EASB, and Curtin Singapore.

Education centres

Here’s a quick look at a list of education centres that are within 2km from JadeScape condominium:

  • Academia Education Centre: Ivy Campus (in Sin Ming Plaza)
  • Methodology of Studies Education Centre
  • HCL Education Centre (Bishan)

  • SmartLab Education Centre (Bishan)

3. Shopping malls

Junction 8

There are smaller neighbourhood shopping areas near JadeScape condominium to consider – Sin Ming Centre and Bishan North Shopping Mall.

If not, you can choose to travel to either of the two major shopping malls within 25-minute walking distances – Thomson Plaza and Junction 8. Or you can hop on a bus and get to either of the malls within 15 minutes of commute time.

Thomson Plaza is slightly closer to JadeScape condominium than compared to Junction 8. The shopping mall has FairPrice Finest located on the third floor. There are also medical, dental, kids specialist clinics like KidsNexus Paediatric Centre and SpecialKids Child Health & Development in the centre.

If you’re well-versed with district 20, Junction 8 shouldn’t be a stranger. However, if you’re moving to district 20 for the first time, it’s good to know that the shopping mall has almost everything you will ever need.

There are bakeries like BreadTalk and Bengawan Solo, dessert options like Chateraise and Dessertstory, and FairPrice Finest supermarket in the basement of the building.

Since it is located in Bishan Town Centre where the train station and bus interchange is at, do expect to see crowds no matter the time of the day.

4. Food options

On days where you prefer not to head to shopping malls to get your meals, you will be glad to know that there’s a hawker centre at 320 Shunfu Road, which is right opposite JadeScape condominium. Cross the street and you will land yourself at Shunfu Mart, where you can get your dose of fried kway teow or prawn noodles.

There are also several cafes and eateries along Upper Thomson Road, which is about a less than 10-minute walk from JadeScape condominium. You can have your morning coffee at Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters, spicy tom yam at E-SARN Thai Corner, or organize a pizza party at Peperoni Pizzeria @ Thomson.

5. Public parks

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park

JadeScape condominium is the closest to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. If you decide to stroll your way there, it will take about 20 minutes.

There are proper walking tracks and a playground for kids. Your furry companions will also be able to tread freely at the designated Bishan Park – Dog Run Area. You will probably have the chance to meet other pet owners and exchange some tips during peak hours!

Canopy Garden Dining and McDonald’s Bishan Park are some food options located within Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and near to carpark A.

Macritchie Treetop Walk

For a good workout session, you can start your hiking adventure from Macritchie Treetop Walk Trailhead which is about 25 minutes by foot or 20 minutes by bus from JadeScape condominium.

Spot the wildlife like monkeys and squirrels while you’re there! If you need some planning before getting lost in the woods (a good way to disconnect from the city life), you can download this guide to the walking trails.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens can also be an option for your park visits since it is just two stops away from Marymount MRT station via the Circle Line. As we’ve seen earlier, Marymount MRT station is 4-minute walk from JadeScape condominium.

There are several themed gardens you can visit like the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and Healing Garden. Drop by the Singapore Botanic Gardens Eco Lake while you’re there!

Food For Tots, Bee’s Knees at The Garage, and Cluny Food Hall are some of the food options located within the gardens.

6. Golf courses

The Singapore Island Country Club

The Singapore Island Country Club (Bukit Location)

An 8-minute drive will get you to The Singapore Island Country Club (Bukit Location), near the MacRitchie Reservoir. With one of the best driving ranges in the world, you now have a place to hone your golf skills.

SICC Millennium Course

Another option is this golf course which consists of 9 and 18-holes, about a 15-minute drive from JadeScape condominium. Set up since 2001, they operate from 6:30am to 7:00pm daily.

Draft Master Plan for Bishan and Toa Payoh (2019)

If you don’t originally stay within Bishan or Toa Payoh, you’ve probably not been kept up with the developments of the areas. But if you’re purchasing a unit at JadeScape condominium, here are some good news.

According to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)’s draft master plan 2019, residents in the area can look forward to some upcoming exciting developments.

Just for your information, a master plan is essentially a guide that strategizes the development of land and property in a specific area.

Bishan Sub-Regional Centre

This development will create more employment opportunities in the years to come. It will be situated within steps from Bishan MRT station.

New train stations

With the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) scheduled to be completed by 2024, residents can look forward to shorter travelling journeys to Outram Park and Marina Bay MRT stations via Caldecott MRT station (Circle Line and TEL Line).

Singapore MRT map

Better town connectivity

There will also be upgraded walking and cycling routes that help connect Bishan and Toa Payoh along the Kallang River. Think new park connectors, an upgraded underpass below CTE, and a cycling pathway across Braddell Road and PIE.

JadeScape condominium’s site plan

As you can probably see from the site plan, there will be a total of seven blocks with two having sky terraces on the 13th floor. The sky terraces will have a viewing deck and seating lounge areas.

JadeScape condominium site plan

JadeScape condominium’s floor plans

There are one to five-bedroom types and we will take a look at the first three one-bedroom units.

JadeScape condominium’s one-bedroom types

JadeScape condominium one-bedroom floor planJadeScape condominium one-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium’s two-bedroom types

There are altogether six two-bedroom types with two standards, two deluxe, and two premium units.

Standard types

JadeScape condominium two-bedroom floor plan

Deluxe types

JadeScape condominium two-bedroom floor plan

Premium typesJadeScape condominium two-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium’s three-bedroom types

As you scroll along, you will find four standard types, three deluxe units, and four premium types in the three-bedroom category.

Standard types

JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan

Deluxe types

JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan

Premium types

JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan JadeScape condominium three-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium’s four-bedroom types

Moving on to four-bedroom types, we have two standards, two deluxe, and two suite types.

Standard types

JadeScape condominium four-bedroom floor plan

Deluxe types

JadeScape condominium four-bedroom floor plan

Suite types

JadeScape condominium four-bedroom floor plan JadeScape condominium four-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium’s five-bedroom types

Unlike the others, there are only two suite types for five-bedroom units.

Suite types

JadeScape condominium five-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium five-bedroom floor plan

JadeScape condominium’s cost per square feet (PSF)

The estimated price is around $1,700 per square feet (PSF). For a breakdown of prices, please refer to our next point.

JadeScape condominium’s pricing

Type Size from (sqft) Property price from (SGD)
1-bedroom 527 $931K
2-bedroom 646 SOLD OUT
2-bedroom deluxe 764 $1275K
2-bedroom premium SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
3-bedroom 904 SOLD OUT
3-bedroom deluxe 1012 SOLD OUT
3-bedroom premium 1141 SOLD OUT
4-bedroom 1259 $2033K
4-bedroom deluxe 1421 $2409K
4-bedroom suite 1647 $2686K
5-bedroom suite 2099 $3202K

Many units are selling out. Do get in touch with us for the latest pricing and balance units available.

JadeScape condominium’s showflat gallery

JadeScape condominium showflat

The sales gallery for JadeScape condominium is steps away from Bishan MRT station.  Drop us a quick WhatsApp message to book an appointment with us.

For your convenience, we’ve taken some snapshots of the various units for your viewing pleasure right from the comfort of home.

One-bedroom (type A) (527 sqft)


JadeScape condominium showflat one-bedroom overview

Living RoomLiving Hall

Master bedroom

Two-bedroom deluxe (type B2) (764 sqft)


JadeScape condominium showflat two-bedroom overview

Living room

JadeScape condominium showflat two-bedroom living room

Master bedroom

JadeScape condominium showflat two-bedroom master bedroom

Three-bedroom deluxe (type C2A) (1012 sqft)


JadeScape condominium showflat three-bedroom overview

View from the foyer – Kitchen, dining area, and living room

JadeScape condominium showflat three-bedroom view from foyer

Master bathroom

JadeScape condominium showflat three-bedroom master bathroom

Four-bedroom deluxe (type D2) (1421 sqft)


JadeScape condominium showflat four-bedroom overview

View from the foyer – Kitchen, dining area, and living room

JadeScape condominium showflat four-bedroom view from foyer

Walk-in closet and partial view of master bathroom

JadeScape condominium showflat four-bedroom walk-in closet

Five-bedroom suite (type EP) (2099 sqft)


JadeScape condominium showflat five-bedroom overview

View from private lift lobby – Dining area, living room, and balcony

JadeScape condominium showflat five-bedroom view from private lobby

Master bedroom

JadeScape condominium showflat five-bedroom master bedroom

Junior master bedroom

JadeScape condominium showflat five-bedroom junior master bedroom

What you need to know about JadeScape condominium’s developer Qingjian Realty

Qingjian Realty

Qingjian Realty was founded in 2008. In 2016, they launched The Visionaire, Singapore’s first executive condominium with smart homes.

Committed to providing well-designed and thought-out homes, they’ve had projects in the North, North-East, West, and Central parts of Singapore. These include:

  • Bellewoods
  • Riversound Residence
  • Waterbay
  • Le Quest
  • Nin Residence
  • Natura Loft

Goodluck Gardens will be an upcoming project to look out for in the Central part of Singapore.

They have won several awards over the years including:

  • BCI Asia Awards – Top 10 Developer (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019)
  • Building and Construction Authority Green Mark – Gold Plus Award – Le Quest (2017)
  • BCA Construction Excellence Award (Merit) for Nin Residence (2016)
  • BCA Universal Design Mark Gold/GoldPlus Award for Bellewaters, The Visionaire & Le Quest (2018)
  • Best Residential High-Rise Architecture (Singapore) for JadeScape

Jadescape Balance units

Jadescape balance units from 1-5 bedroom. Can check here for balance units or Call to check out ongoing promo price!


Can I have the site and floor plans of JadeScape?

Scroll through our article to find the detailed site plan and floor plans.

Where is JadeScape located?

JadeScape is located along Shunfu Road.

Do you have the showflat details?

Yes! Click into the article to book a viewing appointment with us today.

Do you have a breakdown of JadeScape's pricing?

You can find it in our article. Contact us for the latest balance units.



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